Over the last decade, Netsubo Search has mined a vast network of personal and business contacts across many industries and fields of speciality. We use this to market a unique and focused pairing of search and selection services – individually customised to your needs.

If you are searching for someone that satisfies very specific or niche requirements; or the role is of a confidential nature; then simply let us know the talent set you are looking for, and our dedicated head-hunting team will go out and discreetly find that special person. And once we have established the relevance of a candidate to the role, and their interest, we can either provide their details and step back – or take them through the appropriate recruitment process.

Where you are looking for candidates with a more rounded skill set, experience or background, we can provide a selection service. In this case, we place adverts in selected, targeted media to attract those who are actively seeking a change of career; and field responses as above.

In reality, many of our clients use these two processes side by side to maximise the response rate.