Netsubo Search is an established, trusted and respected leader in the recruitment industry, with a wealth of knowledge and contacts it can call upon to help you find that right person. Seeking out, and securing the very best talent out there is what we have done; day-in day-out for the last decade. Our experienced teams work across the UK and continental Europe to provide you with a customised, comprehensive and adaptable service to meet your unique needs. We also keep tabs on in-demand skills, average salaries, and your competition to help you determine the right remuneration package to offer.

With access to a vast pool of talented people, we can quickly secure for you first-class professionals in key technology fields. And, unlike many recruiters, it’s our promise that we won’t bombard you with dozens of CVs, hoping that one of them will ‘stick’. We screen, interview and research our permanent candidates thoroughly before you even speak to them. This ensures that not only does the person have the perfect skill set for the role, but that the candidate is likely to fit into your team and company culture. We are well aware that often the most important question for a hirer is ‘Can we work with this person?’