At Netsubo Search, we can provide Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to get you through peaks in recruiting. We can embed ourselves within your existing organisational structures to plug the gaps in your recruitment process. This means that large and medium-sized companies can continue to maintain a first class, end-to-end recruitment function with little effort – and that smaller companies can punch above their weight when it comes to competing for talent.

Additionally, our clients have found that using our RPO service can lower internal costs, share risks, and get better, more uniform recruitment results far quicker than by using their own in-house teams. This is especially true where existing HR functions are globally dispersed.

We have a dedicated RPO team that works hand-in hand with your HR professionals. It’s your choice whether we take over the entire end-to-end recruitment lifecycle, or just parts of it – or the recruitment needs of a single department, or the whole company. You can also decide whether to ask us to take on additional tasks, such as screening using our own proprietary assessment tools; and KPI measurements and SLA monitoring. This then leaves your in-house team free to interview, hire and on-board. It’s all up to you.